There are many elements that make a preschool what it is. Children, parents, art, special activities, pictures decorating the walls of the classrooms, toys that encourage children to play while learning, but what makes the preschool work like a clock? The teachers! Preschool teachers play an important role in early childhood of children.

Preschool teachers are the first (outside of the parents) to implement structure and behavioral correctness in a child’s life. Teachers encourage socialization by incorporating group activities. Early education is important for a child, and the teachers are the foundation of that importance. A teacher’s job requires patience and a positive attitude. It is a job of humility. It does not pack your bank account, and it does not promise a fancy lifestyle. Often times, teachers find themselves living paycheck to paycheck.¬†These facts do not change the fact that a preschool teacher wins! There is no price tag on the level of fulfillment that encompasses a teacher’s heart.

Teachers strive each day to be happy people, and it’s not for themselves; it’s for the children. Teachers invest their time, money, and heart into lives of others.

I have met many preschool teachers in my lifetime that have changed and shaped little minds and  hearts. Meet a few of the teachers in my life who change how children learn and grow each day of their career!