Meet Miss Tip


My name is Tip and I am the lead teacher in the Acceleration A Classroom . I am a Laos-American and lived in Tennessee since I was eight months old. I come from a big family with four siblings and one niece! I attended Union University where I earned my degree in Elementary Education. I have worked in childcare for four years now. I believe my purpose here is to serve and glorify God. I find that serving through caring for children is where I am suppose to be. I believe giving great care and teaching children about what is important in life will help them grow up to better their community. I believe loving on children helps them to grow to love others. We never know what kind of day someone is having, but a smile or a hug can make all the difference. I want to see each child grow. Not only physically, but mentally and in maturity. If they only know five words when I start, I want them to know twenty when they leave me. I like having good and open communication with the parents. I want to make them feel safe and build a trusting relationship with each one. I love music and singing. I enjoy playing the guitar and soccer with my family team. I would describe myself as witty, compassionate, smiles and loving! I am looking forward to my education journey here at TGS!


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