Meet Miss Rica


I am the Lead Teacher in the Enchantment A Classroom! I am originally from California and have been living in Tennessee for eleven months now. My brother, fiancée and my two puppies live out here with me while my parents and sister live in California. I have spent 12 years in childcare including camps, enrichment programs, teaching and care giving. I transferred from Arizona State to Sacramento State where I am finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in Intercultural and International Communication. Two of my proudest honors are being recognized for starting a volunteer program and a cheer program for St. Francis School in Concord, California. I am here because I love working with children! I value making a positive impact on young children not only educationally, but in every aspect of their little lives. I find this career very rewarding. My goal for my class is to continually see positive change in each child and individually connect with every single one of them. I want to help every child find out more about who they are as a unique individual and be confident in who they are. My goal is to have completely open communication with my parents. I want to be able to address any issues or concerns in an efficient manner. My favorite things are my family and my dogs! In my spare time you can find me outside hiking, camping, running or exploring. I would describe myself as charismatic and always enjoying life! I’m so excited to be starting my journey at TGS!


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