Summer Camp

It’s time to prepare for Summer Camp!

Each summer special activities are planned for the children to soak up the sun, learn, and have the most fun!

Having trouble thinking of activities for your students (and you) to enjoy this summer? Here are some great ideas:

Water day is implemented once a week during the summer months. This adds an extra activity for the children to look forward to. Although, this day may be a little stressful for teachers.

Here are some helpful tips to decrease the stress on water day:

  • Use extra to hands to help you this day!
  • Find a routine that works.
  • Take children in 3-4 at a time to change and leave the remaining with the extra hands.
  • Ask the children to help.
  • Have a table activity waiting for the children who have completed the transition from water day to changing.
  • Play dough is always an entertaining/intriguing activity that will keep children occupied for a longer period of time.

Sunscreen is a must during the summer months. Don’t forget to put it on yourself as well as the children.

The theme of our preschool this summer is “Let’s Go Camping”. I’m predicting a summer of campfires, spooky stories, and yummy s’mores.



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