When You Have a Bad Day

To have a bad day is common among all humans, but when you have a bad day as a preschool teacher more than just you is affected. I asked several teachers:

How do you deal with a bad day in the classroom?

Miss Madelyn says,

“After a bad day, I usually go through every situation and conversation that made me upset or angry. Then, I try to think about how these things fit into the big picture. I usually realize I was quick to anger and I overreacted. I reflect on how I can do better tomorrow and understand my feelings shouldn’t be heavily so heavily based on the students’ emotions. Happiness is a choice and only I can choose that for myself.”

Other teachers responded with,

“I take a breather and maybe go outside.”

“I start singing hymns in my head.”

“I force myself to smile and hope that changes my day.”

“I tickle the children in hopes that their laugh will encourage endorphins so I will laugh too.”

Teachers all over the globe experience bad days in the classroom. Helpful tips are available on blogs and forums for teachers everywhere. It’s inevitable… bad days are bound to happen.

Those bad days are temporary, and teachers are usually surrounded by encouragement to keep them going.



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