Show Me Your Teeth: The Things You do to Get a Smiling Picture


“Smile. Say Cheese. Do you see the flower on my head?”

Have you ever tried to take a picture of an infant smiling? Better yet, have you ever tried to take a picture of a two year old smiling? It’s close to impossible.

There are many extremes a two year old, toddler, or infant teacher will go to, to capture a movement free picture of a child having the time of his or her life to send to their working parents.

I asked a few teachers:

Can you tell or show me extremes you have went to to capture the best possible picture?

“I sing and dance, and act like animals.”

“I tickle them and pull back really quickly.”

“I act crazy and jump up and down.”

“I play peek-a-boo with them until they smile!”

“I wear something funny on my head and move it around or I have a puppet or stuffed animal in hand to be funny.”

Photography websites can sometimes offer great tips on how to get the best picture from those little movers. No matter what extent you have to go to, to get a smile, it’s worth it!



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