Interview with a Director

Behind every preschool is the person who keeps it all under control and tries to maintain happiness throughout the school. This person is known as the director. Meet the director of The Gardner School of Brentwood.

My name is Rachel McCormick, and I am the Executive School Director of The Gardner School of Brentwood, TN.  I started my career with TGS in July 2010.  I began as a Floater Teacher and Enrichment Teacher at TGS Brentwood and soon after became a Lead Toddler Teacher. In October of 2011, I was given the wonderful opportunity to be the Assistant Director at The Gardner School of Brentwood. In the winter of 2014, I was incredibly grateful to be able to serve as the Executive School Director. 

I decided at a very young age that I wanted a career in education.  I grew up in a teaching family!  My grandmothers and mother were all teachers.  Therefore, I was raised in an environment that valued education in young children. I remember playing teacher with my stuffed animals and a chalkboard. Therefore, in 2004, I decided to attend Winthrop University and major in Music Education with a concentration in Elementary Music.  After graduation, I continued my education at Clemson University where I obtained my Master’s in Early Childhood Education. I have worked with children in a variety of settings over the past nine years, primarily in preschools.

I absolutely love working with small children.  Their imagination and honesty makes me laugh!  Once while singing Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes, a child responded, “That’s not a shoulder, that’s a clavicle.”  But whether it’s hearing about their journal entries or hanging their masterpieces in my office, it’s something new every day.  When working with infants through 5 year olds, I enjoy seeing them learn and grow over the course of their time here at TGS.  I started as a young toddler teacher, and last year I watched my toddlers graduate as 5 year olds.  It was amazing to see their personalities develop, and to know that we made an impact on their academic achievement and lifelong success.  

My favorite part of the day at TGS is drop-off time!  I love seeing all the children walk into school with smiles on their faces, eager to see their friends and teachers, and ready to learn and play!  The morning hugs are a great way to start off my day! TGS has such a family environment.  Getting to know the children and families here has truly made The Gardner School my home away from home.  From the staff members to the parents to the children, we are a support system for one another.  Speaking of family, my fondest memory of TGS thus far is dropping my own child off for the very first time.  It allowed me to experience the nervousness and excitement that other parents feel on their child’s first day here! 

The teachers here at TGS inspire me!  They have such a love for children and education. They are passionate about early childhood education, and it is evident as you walk through our school.  I feel that early childhood education is very important to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development in young children.  Children also develop a love for learning at an early age!  As a parent and director of a preschool, I know how hard it is to leave an infant in the care of someone else.  However, with all of the education and experience floating around the building, TGS is truly an inspiring place to be!  It is a nurturing environment where your child will learn and grow!  I welcome you to come by and experience all of the wonderful things The Gardner School has to offer your family! 


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