Rainy Days Make All of Us Stir Crazy

One of the brightest, moments of the day for a preschool teacher is the (too short) thirty minutes that’s embedded into the schedule titled “Gross Motor Activity”. Outside time!

There is a tinge of defeat associated with a rainy day. A rainy day means we are all stuck inside together… for hours. The following acceptance of this detail of the day is hard to endure. The day is going to gain three hours in those extra thirty minutes. There will be more tears than on a day with sunshine.Deep breaths are necessary. If you had a dollar for every time you said, “stop running inside,” you could quit your job because you would become a millionaire in ten minutes. The children are biting, hitting, tackling, screaming, and you feel your hair slowly turning gray. You want to be outside, the children want to be outside. We need the sunshine. What’s the saying? When it rains… it pours.

Gross motor activity is an important part of the day for preschool teachers and the children. What are some activities to prevent these displeasures from occurring?

Here is a list of websites that offer organized gross motor activities to make those rainy days not seem so rainy.





In the picture above is one of my personal favorite gross motor activities that can be played indoors. The parachute provides gross motor movement, teamwork, and lots of fun!





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