Building Friendships Outside of the Classroom


“Do I  have strawberry seeds in my teeth?”

While this can be an embarrassing question to ask a coworker in some environments, at a preschool, anything goes. Preschool teachers clean up some of the most disgusting bodily fluids on a daily basis. You learn to be thankful it’s likely a strawberry seed in your teeth and not a foreign substance stuck to your shirt. Either way, you know your coworker has been there before, and she has got your back.

The teachers are not only building friendships inside of the classroom, but also outside of the classroom amongst themselves. Some classrooms are bonded with two teachers, learning to adapt to each other and release their burdens to one another on a daily basis. The teachers become a team who learn to pick up where the other slacks for the benefit of the children. (None of us are perfect). The break room is full of laughter, tears, sometimes singing, but most importantly bonds forming. Teachers find commonalities within each other, and they build upon each other’s strengths. Teachers encourage each other when they are feeling weak. They know that one little grande Starbucks might be the golden ticket for a better day. It’s the little things teachers do to help each other, that build everlasting friendships.

These friendships carry into the weekends, and soon enough, these friendships carry into all aspects of a teacher’s life. The loving environment preschool teachers create reflects onto their friendships with each other. Laughter is sometimes the only option to get through the day with all your hair in tact.

Teachers collaborating together has also been proven to strengthen the learning capability of the children. Sometimes their successes lie in a teacher’s attitude. Working with a friend each day can brighten your attitude and reduce your embarrassment. When teachers are friends, children winfullsizerender


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