Working With Children is a Win


I walk down the hall from filling my water bottle up with water. I pass by each classroom and peer into the large windows that outline each room. One pair of little eyes catches mine, and I hear “Lala, Lala!” (my nickname). I walk around to the classroom’s entrance, and eight little pairs of legs come hopping toward me. My legs become tied up with small little arms, chanting my name. For a second, I feel like Santa, but not the Santa that’s borderline scary. I’m suddenly someone who brings magic to their day. All the hurt of the world falls away in this second, and I am consumed by their bright eyes and innocence. Children know love. In a split second, these children display love in one of the most honest ways. I return their hugs and depart them. My impact on them may be temporary, but this moment of love will impact me forever.

A preschool teacher learns from the small minds they teach as much as the small minds soak in from the teachers. Working in childcare for nine years, has brought a new light of joy to my life. Every day, stories exist in a preschool setting. Some stories teach teachers a little about herself. Some stories evoke laughter that brings a teacher to tears, and some stories allow a teacher’s heart to grow ten times in size. This blog is a place to find all of the above. At the end of the day, a preschool teacher wins.


3 thoughts on “Working With Children is a Win

  1. I love this so much!! It is all so true. I needed this reminder. I’ve been working in a Kindergarten classroom. The physical work that comes along with being a teacher and the stress was really wearing on me this week. But, this was a great reminder of why it’s all worth it.

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